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Wealth Manager – Irving, TX

Lynn McIntire, CFP®, CLU®, CAP®

About the only thing more unusual than an electrical engineer MBA becoming a financial planner is a medical researcher doing the same. This said, Lynn is definitely an equal partner in the success of Cadent Capital, a team she co-founded in 2011 with her husband, Tom, and Taylor Steele.

Starting with good genetics and practical advice from her mom, Lynn has always been a planner. It comes to her naturally. In addition, her curiosity, creativity and attention to detail are invaluable traits in helping build wealth – and in amplifying the impact of that wealth – for her clients.

One Piece of Advice

“Household expenses always rise to the level of increased income. The time to plan for this is the day you receive your first paycheck.”

Why I Became a Financial Planner

Wealth manager Lynn McIntire

As a child, Lynn wanted to be a doctor. During college, her focus shifted more to biology and immunology research. She worked in this field at UT Southwestern as a student, and it is unlikely she would have ever left it if not for a family relocation to Wichita Falls.

While Lynn loved the small-town values of Wichita Falls, she quickly realized it was not a hotbed of medical research. Instead, she focused on raising her family for more than a decade. Due to an unexpected return to the Dallas area, Lynn had a choice to make.

She was single and her oldest child was set to start college in a few years. Medical research was an option. Instead, she followed the suggestion of a friend and was hired into the Merrill Lynch broker development program. While she had no previous experience in this profession, her proclivity for planning and her exceptional research skills made her a natural fit. As they say, the rest is history.

My Career & Credentials

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Once engaged with the world of financial planning, Lynn excelled. She earned all of the basic certifications and received outstanding training during a 2-year stint at Merrill Lynch. Then, she spent a couple of years working with Tom at another, small firm. At this point, she recognized the need for additional experience that could best be attained as part of a larger organization. From 2002 through 2009, Lynn worked in various roles at First Tennessee and built her knowledge, network and reputation.

Throughout these early years, she had great respect for others who focused on the numbers. At the same time, she became more interested in the people. More specifically, she realized the incredible potential wealth creation had to positively impact the world around her. Financial independence remained the primary goal for every client. However, Lynn used her personal and professional passion to embrace the concept of stewardship and to be a resource for her clients in pursuing philanthropy with the same energy that fueled their career and business success.

As with every member of the Cadent team, Lynn understands the knowledge and credibility that come with advanced credentials. She is proud of the certifications she has accrued over her career, including her CFP® and CAP®. These make her a truly unique resource when it comes to the strategies behind philanthropic ventures and many of the life-changing events that life places in our path.

Life Away from the Office*

Lynn and Tom understand the pressures of starting and growing their own, small business. At the same time, they have learned to manage the on-going challenges of separating work from life. Fortunately, they have found a very comfortable mix of separate interests, shared passions and family time.

True to her word, Lynn is as dedicated to her philanthropic work as she is to the success of Cadent and its clients. She is a member of the Texas Therapy Dogs organization and volunteer with Heart of Texas Therapy Dogs. In addition, she is a Life Member on the University of Texas at Dallas Development Board. Lynn takes great pride in the impact she has on others through her involvement with the P.E.O. Sisterhood and as a mentor to new members of the Financial Planning Association.

One of Lynn’s happiest accomplishments is getting Tom to become a fan of the Texas Rangers. When not at a game, she often is the guinea pig for one of Tom’s latest coffee experiments. In addition, they remain active in their church and cannot wait to spend time with their children and grandchildren. Of course, they are always open for the suggestion of a great restaurant or a fun place to visit.

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