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While our client base is diverse, we have developed comprehensive depth and expertise in serving as the “Financial Steward” of four groups of professionals. Over the past 30 years, our team has helped many people like you. And, this base of experience is valuable as we work to meet the challenges of helping build your wealth and enhance your financial independence.

C Suite executive

C-Suite Executives

You are breathing rarefied air, yet it is hard to find time to take a breath. From international assignments to stock options to vacation homes, a comprehensive wealth-creation strategy is complicated. We understand the unique challenges of your incredible success, and we will be at your side from your next promotion through retirement.
An entrepreneur


You are 110% committed to a vision. Risk tolerance has a different meaning as everything in your life is invested into building your company. We understand the financial roller-coaster that is often a part of being an entrepreneur, and we can provide invaluable insights as you move from managing cash-flow to a liquidation event – and beyond.
A group of medical professionals

Medical Professionals

You are on Earth to help others. Heavy student debt is a starting burden for many, and the choice between working for others and hanging your own shingle is significant. We understand the importance of helping to protect your assets and transforming high levels of current income into meaningful investments that can fund a rewarding retirement.
A group of young professionals who will be future business leaders

Future Leaders

You have started to make a name for yourself. Armed with an MBA, JD or other advanced degree, almost limitless opportunity is on the horizon. We understand, and we want to work with you to build the discipline and structure necessary to handle life’s events while steadily accumulating the wealth that adds flexibility and security to your future.

What Makes Us Different

Two animated hands holding a heart


We believe the blessing of wealth provides an opportunity and a responsibility for all.
Animated team of three people

Team Approach

A relationship with one of us provides seamless access to a huge network of experts.
Animated arrows creating a circle

360º Planning

Wealth-building is so much more than investment advice, and we cover all the bases.
Animated certification

Advanced Certifications

We have all the acronyms along with the common sense to use them effectively.

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It’s all about the people

Associate with good people who you genuinely like and trust, and great things will happen. This is how we have built our team at Cadent Capital, and it is our primary filter in accepting new clients. You should do the same thing. Evaluate what we do. More importantly, get to know who we are.

We take our business – your wealth – very seriously. Some might say we are even a little nerdy. That is OK. We want to work with others who challenge and respect us, and we believe listening is critical to any successful relationship. It is at the heart of all of ours.

We understand you have many choices when looking for a partner to manage meaningful wealth. It is a big decision. We are here to help you get it right.

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