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Estate Planning – Irving, TX

Legacy & Estate Planning

Strengthen Your Legacy

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Who needs an estate plan? The short answer is everyone.

Rather than viewing an estate plan as a morbid task, we believe that you’re creating a legacy that reflects your entire life – who you are and what you’ve accomplished. The hard work that has been put in over the years can now bear fruit for your friends, families and organizations you care most about.

It’s important to work through the preservation of your family values and ensure your assets go to those closest to you and in accordance with your wishes. One of the most vital aspects of estate planning is communicating your wishes with your loved ones and making sure they are thoroughly and accurately documented. Our team can handle all of the paperwork to make this process as delicate, and easy on you as possible.

Protect Your Legacy

Man considering his financial plan to protect legacy

Establishing a trust within your overall estate plan provides the certainty and control over all you've worked for and accumulated during your lifetime, regardless of asset level.

Trusts give you the confidence of knowing what will happen to your estate, can potentially exclude probate, a lengthy and expensive process, and can avoid the judicial appointment of a guardian or conservator in the event of incapacity. Some provide for long-term care or education for children or grandchildren; while others can provide for a favorite charity.

We can work with you to ensure your wishes are communicated, in writing and legally binding. Beyond that, we'll revisit your plan regularly to ensure it is up to date.

“Legacy and estate planning affords great opportunity to express, not only your wishes, but also your value”

Make Your Mark

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Making charitable giving part of your financial and estate plan can allow you to support the charities and causes you love, now and in the future.

While giving money or assets to charities in need is important to us and our clients, we understand that there’s an added benefit of having the right charitable giving strategy as part of your overall wealth management plan.

There are many ways you can make charitable giving part of your overall financial plan, each with its own level of control and tax benefits. Some options provide immediate or future tax deductions while others can provide a continuous income stream.

We can work with you to provide recommendations that not only benefit you now but provide the opportunity to shape the way you wish to be remembered.