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Community Involvement - Irving, TX

Cadent Capital in the Community

Cadent Captial LLC team members at community involvement event in Irving Texas

Our approach at Cadent Capital can be boiled down to a simple phrase: always do more than what is expected. That’s why, in addition to doing everything we can to ensure that our clients are successful, we also dedicate a lot of time to safeguarding the long-term success of our community.

We frequently partner with several organizations that provide support for those who need it the most. Buckner Family Hope Center in West Dallas is one such organization that offers critical resources to underprivileged families so they can stay together and mentally/physically healthy. Each year Cadent Capital partners with Buckner Family Hope Center to provide aid for anything from sponsoring group events to participating in their holiday Market Exchange, a celebration and gift exchange with the families who have participated in the family strengthening programs. It’s programs such as this that give our team the opportunity to give back and strive to accomplish our goal of doing more.

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Team members volunteering at Buckner Family Hope Center
Team members passing out donated items
Team member wrapping donated toys for kids
Team member and child wrapping gifts
Team member and child looking at a donated fleece blanket
Three volunteers sorting through donations
Team members and young volunteers looking at wrapped gifts
Two volunteers sorting through donated items
Team member showing child a set of pajamas
Volunteers wrapping a crock pot
Volunteer holding a wrapped gift
Volunteer holding a board game prior to gift wrapping
Adult and two young volunteers wrapping gifts together
Two volunteers carrying large bags filled with gifts
Volunteers setting out plates for food
Volunteers helping kids with their coloring sheets
Team member talking to a young volunteer while wrapping gift
Team member and young volunteer wrapping a toaster
Team members and young volunteer gift wrapping
Team member and young volunteer picking out wrapping paper
Child's drawing
Drawing from a young volunteer
Team members and young volunteers playing block stacking game
Volunteer taking a break next to a child who's drawing pictures
Volunteers and young children drawing pictures together
Team member and young person playing baseball
Team members and young people playing baseball